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How A 69 Years Old Italian Man Became The Sole Survivor Among 53 Guests

Francesco was a retired teacher who lived in Venice, a small but beautiful city of Italy.

The government just announced a lockdown recently. But Francesco's son, Antonio ignored the order and insisted to hold a birthday party for his daughter's 21st birthday.

After losing the argument with his son, Francesco had no choice but to attend the party.

A month later, 39 of the guests had to rely on breathing ventilators to survive and 14 had passed away. There have been reports from the party that all the guests had high fever, bad coughs and shortness of breath.

The doctors were so surprised when they found out Francesco is the only one who tested negative. He then told the doctors he was wearing a respirator all the time during and after the party.

Fransesco in picture happy that he is alive to share information