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Snake Venom UNDER-EYE BAGS & WRINKLES Solucion

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Snake Venom Eye Cream promotes skin metabolism and maintains collagen.

With the stress of life, staying up late and radiation from electronic displays can cause eyestrain and eye swelling.


Take care of your eyes with the Snake Venom cream to effectively improve your dark circles and reduce puffiness considerably.


With three types of hyaluronic acid molecules, you can instantly hydrate, smooth, and nourish your skin.


Syn-ake is a group of species that simulates the snake venom phenomenon that invades the nerves of human skin, causing the skin to contract, making loose skin firmer and more elastic.

Unlike traditional creams that can only work on the skin's surface, snake venom eye creams can penetrate the lower muscle, energize cells internally, and tighten the collagen structure externally.


All after images taken within 10 minutes!

(† Results May Vary)
Tiffany before applying Rapid Reduction Serum
Tiffany's Results after applying Rapid Reduction Serum
Tiffany G.

From Florida

Tiffany prides herself on being a youthful-looking Grandma. Snake Venom worked to reduce the appearance of her under-eye bags and wrinkles making Tiffany look and feel great! †

Samantha Before applying Rapid Reduction Serum
Samantha After applying Rapid Reduction Serum
Samantha G.

From New York

Samantha’s dark circles gave her a tired appearance, even when she wasn’t. Snake Venom worked to visibly diminish the dark circles, leaving Samantha with a refreshed and youthful look. †

Jacqueline before applying Rapid Reduction Serum
Jacqueline After applying Rapid Reduction Serum
Jacqueline S.

From New York

Jacquelines dark circles and under-eye bags were aging her beyond her years. She was so happy with her results; she couldn’t contain her excitement. Our production crew had a fun time bleeping out the expletives in her testimonial! †

Rita Before applying Rapid Reduction Serum
Rita After applying Rapid Reduction Serum
Rita B.

From New York

Rita has overall smooth skin without wrinkles, but she suffered from puffy under-eye bags. By applying just a dab of Snake Venom to this targeted under-eye area, Rita experienced a visible reduction in her bags and a refreshed look. †

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